Check-sheet for DEPB/Adv. Lic./EPCG Online Applications with digital certificates


A.        DEPB Licence for EDI ports:


1.         Bank Certificate of Exports and Realisation as given in Appendix 22A or Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) in the case of direct negotiation of documents or Appendix 22 D in the case of offsetting of export proceeds with the approval of RBI. In case of FIRC, a declaration from the exporter that the remittance is in respect of Shipping Bill(s) No ____________ dtd _________ shall also be furnished


2.         bank/custom attested invoice/short-shipment certificate only in case of short-shipment.


B.         Advance Licence


1.                  Self certified copy of the manufacturing licence of the applicant firm or his supporting manufacturer.


C.        Annual Advance Licence


1.   Statement of exports made in the preceding licensing year duly certified by a Chartered Accountant/Cost and Works Accountant in the format given in Appendix 26.

2.   Self certified copy of the manufacturing licence of the applicant firm or his supporting manufacturer.


Note 1- In cases where import of fuel has been sought for the grant of Advance Licence/ Advance Licence for Annual Requirements

a.     Self certified copy of the permission issued to the manufacturer exporter by the competent authority (concerned State Electricity Board or Power Corporation or Regulatory Commission of the State) under Section 44 of the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 for the installation of captive power plant based on the specified fuel unless the permission is specifically waived by the State Electricity Board; and

b.     Self certified copy of the letter intimating the date of commissioning of the captive power plant from the concerned authority which issued the permission letter is to be submitted.

Note: The import of only such fuel(s) shall be allowed which have/ has been specified in the said permission.


Note 2- Additional documents required in case of supplies under deemed export/intermediate supplies under Advance Licence Scheme:

a.        Invalidation letter in case of supplies to

i.      an EPCG licence holder;

ii.     an Advance Licence holder;

b.     Project Authority certificate in case of supplies other than (a) (i) & (ii) above and to EOU/ EHTP/ STP/BTP units;


D.        EPCG


1.      Self certified copy of Drug Manufacturing License in case of export of Pharmaceutical product or self certified copy of IEM/SSI Registration Number in case of other products or a self certified copy of Service Tax Registration in case of Service Providers.

2.      Certificate from a Chartered Engineer in the format given in Appendix 32A certifying:

a.        the end use/nexus of machinery sought for import under EPCG Scheme in the pre production/production/post production activity of the exported goods/services (explaining the end use of machinery in detail); and/or

b.        the essentiality of spare parts sought for import and its required quantity for existing machinery manufacturing the goods to be exported/ machinery sought for import; and/or

c.        complete usage of equipments/goods sought for import under the EPCG Scheme for supply of service to overseas customers/ service consumers of any other country in India to earn free foreign exchange/supply of service in India relating to export paid in free foreign exchange.

3.      Statement of exports made/services rendered by the applicant firm in respect of the same/similar export product/services rendered during the preceding three licensing years duly certified by a Chartered Accountant/Cost and Works Accountant in the format given in Appendix 26.

4.      In case of import of spares for existing plant and machinery, a list of plant/machinery already installed in the factory/premises of the applicant firm/supporting manufacturer for which the spares are required, duly certified by a Chartered Engineer or jurisdictional Central Excise authorities.

5.      In case of EPCG applications made by EOU/SEZ units, a self certified copy of the `No Objection Certificate’ from the Development Commissioner concerned showing the details of the capital goods imported/indigenously procured by the applicant firm, its value at the time of import/sourcing and the depreciated value for the purpose of assessment of duty under the Scheme is to be submitted.


Note:   In case of Service Providers, who are not registered with Service Tax authorities (and a declaration in this regard has been submitted at Serial no. 13 (f) of Part 4 of the application), a registration certificate from FIEO is to be submitted. In such cases, address of the jurisdictional Central Excise Authority under whom the proposed CG is to be installed may not be insisted upon.

7.   Copy of previous EPCG Licence (in case application is made under EPCG Technological Upgradation Scheme).